(Remember my name) 

Не плачь!
Запомни мое имя
joachim garraud : Жоаким Гарро
chris willis : Крис Уиллис 
When I was a kid I use to dream about being a cosmonaut, reading books watching movies and documentaries about space-conquest.
I believe that dreams are the motor of life.
Today when I see the kid’s watching youtube on their ipad, I wonder what there dream are made of.
I wish this music-video will be a call for dreaming.
A call for believe in an awesome destiny; a call to make them never forget the path is made of hard work but the goal is really at their fingertips.
This music video is not about music or space , it’s about true hero’s; still alive in kid’s dream. 
I hope while watching this movie , some of them will catch our dream, and use it as a motor for their life.
When I hear the lyrics of this track for the first time I really wonder what story could fit on it. And I really wish to find an unexpected story. The work of Vincent Fournier and movie's like Interstellar really help me to figure it out.
Radio edit (2min50) :
Director's cut (7min) version :
I sent my idea to Joachim who talk about it to Chris.
Pauline from LaChapka Prod did an incredible job to get all the accreditations to shoot in Star City.
It's a military place where actual cosmonaut from all over the world come for training on the Soyouz.
She also find and cast The  Dynamo club of Moscow wich is is a real famous gymnast club that take part to all the olympic games and world competition since 1974.
Here the end credits I wish to add.
 (notice the audio wich could be the real message sent by chris from space )
I rent a FS7 and some zeiss CZ glasses for the shooting. Edit on premiere CC , did some compositing on after effects and finally choose to work with koji color to grade it
I did this artwork and send them to Natalia the set designer
she print them and hang them in the gymnasium to reinforce the link between the two locations

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